Bay Area Test Equipment Inc

Date: 9th May 2016
Walk-in Stability Test Chambers
Bay Area Test Equipment Inc is one of the leading walk-in stability test chambers manufacturers and suppliers,Website:, welcome to buy and wholesale cheap and best walk-in stability chambers from us. Walk-in stability test chambers ? BACL walk-in stability test chambers are designed for a number of different pharmaceutical areas, including long-term, accelerated and photo stability studies. For flexibility and versatility, we can design and build single-compartment to multi-compartment stability chambers to accommodate multiple concurrent studies. We are highly experienced in designing and manufacturing stability chambers to the specifications generally required by most pharmaceutical companies: 25?C, 60% relative humidity and/or 40?C, 75% relative humidity. However, we can design your walk-in stability chamber to nearly any temperature or humidity level you require, with constant, uniform controls in place for accurate testing. Features 1. Unique duel system design ensures perfectly safe, in case one system fails, the other system will work automatically, no danger of anything going wrong.? 2. Lab Class: high stability of temperature and humidity with prevention of dew congealment 3. Proper air circulation design, making the highest uniformity of temperature and humidity 4. Provide 3Q report of chamber installation and operation 5. Energy saving: Independent modular design with intelligent control of refrigerant, air flow, heating & cooling humidification 6. System Calibration services is optional Specification? Model BDSW-8 BDSW-12 BDSW-20 BDSW-28 BDSW-50 Interior dimensions (W?H?Dmm? 1800?2100 ?1800 2700?2100 ?1800 4700?2100 ?2000 4500?2100 ?3000 6000?2100 ?4000 Exterior dimensions (W?H?Dmm? 2350?2300 ?2000 3250?2300 ?2000 5250?2300 ?2200 5050?2300 ?3200 6350?2300 ?4200 Material Interior SUS304/316 Stainless Steel Exterior Coated ?Stainless Steel Insulation Fireproof PU+glass fibre Performance Temp range 0~65? Humidity range 30%?95% RH Temp fluctuation ??0.5? Temp deviation ?2.0?? Humidity deviation ?3?R.H??75% R.H??5?R.H??75% R.H ? Cooling time 65??0? ?80min Heating time Rt ?65??40min Circulating system Mechanical convection system Cooling system Cascade Refrigeration (water or air cooling)? + HFC Refrigerant R404a/R23 Heating system (Balance Temperature Control)P.I.D+P.W.M.+S.S.R. Humidification system (Balance Humidity Control)P.I.D+P.W.M.+S.S.R. Humidification mode Steam humidification Dehumidification Automatic Data Processing (ADP) critical dew? point cooling dehumidification Water supply Distilled water only Sensor ? Pt100+electronicsensor Control system Controller IPC based touch panel(OYO/TEMI880) Resolution 0.01?, 0.1%RH; Input PT100 /Rotronic Integrated Temperature&humidity Sensor View window Multilayer toughed glass view windows with built-in heaters Safety protection Leakage protection,Overload circuit-breaker,Overload protection for compressor&blower,overheating&dry heat protection for humidification system, Over Current Protection, Phase-sequence Protection, over-temperature protection Power source AC 380V?1?10%?V?50?0.5HZ?3? 4W+E Option 3Q Validation and Calibration services Test Point 40? 75%RH, 30? 70%RH, 25? 60%RH Operational environment 5~35? Note? 1. We reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice 2. Customized sizes and configurations available