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Date: 9th May 2016
Solar Chamber
Bay Area Test Equipment Inc is one of the leading solar chamber manufacturers and suppliers,Website:, welcome to buy and wholesale cheap and best solar test chambers from us. BTH Series Solar Test Chamber ? Solar test chamber reliability test of solar cells in the specification to be verified in wet, frozen, temperature cycle, humidity test etc can be monitored during the experiment the continuity of the internal circuit of solar cells in order to determine whether the fault or failure, by the system solar battery failure can be determined. ? Test Model or test project 1). Damp Heat Test: Test Condition: ? 95 ?2 ?C temperature range, and 95% ?5% R.H. humidity range? Test Duration: last for 1000H,? Test Purpose: To see the reliability of the module to withstand the effects of long-term penetration of heat and humidity.? 2). Humidity-freeze test ? Test Purpose: to see the ability of the module to withstand the effects of high temperature and humidity followed by sub-zero temperatures. Test points and requirements: -40?C lowest temperature and 85?C highest temperature? Max temperature rising speed rate:200?C/Hour=3.33/min Max temperature falling speed rate:200?C/Hour=3.33/min 24 hours per cycle, testing for 10 cycles, 240 hours (10 days) 3). Thermal cycle test; Test requirements: -40?C lowest temperature and 85?C highest temperature Temperature falling/rising speed rate:100?C/Hour=1.67?C/min,6 hours per cycle,? Test Duration: 50~200 cycles total testing time last 300 to 1200 hours (12.5 to 50 days)? Applicable standards IEC61646, IEC 61625, IEC 62108, IEC 61625,UL 1703, Temp.?Cycle? Compare High?Temp.? High?Humidity Low?Temp Temp.?Change?Rate Cycle?No. IEC61215 85?C/85?5%(20h) -40?C(0.5~4h) High?Temp.?Rise&?Fall(100?C/h)Low?Temp.?Rise&?Fall(200?C/h) 10 GB9535 85?C/85?5%(20h) -40?C(0.5~4h) High?Temp.?Rise&?Fall(100?C/h)Low?Temp.?Rise&?Fall(200?C/h) 10 IEC61646 85?C/85?5%(20h) -40?C(0.5~4h) High?Temp.?Rise&?Fall(100?C/h)Low?Temp.?Rise&?Fall(200?C/h) 10 GB18911 85?C/85?5%(20h) -40?C(0.5~4h) High?Temp.?Rise&?Fall(100?C/h)Low?Temp.?Rise&?Fall(200?C/h) 10 UL1703 85?C/85?2.5%(20h) -40?C(0.5~4h) High?Temp.?Rise&?Fall(100?C/h)Low?Temp.?Rise&?Fall(200?C/h) 10 IEC62108 85?C/85?2.5%(20h) -40?C(0.5~4h) High?Temp.?Rise&?Fall(100?C/h)Low?Temp.?Rise&?Fall(200?C/h) 2040 Temp.?Cycle?Compare Low?Temp High?Temp Temp?Change?Rate?C/h Dwell?Time Cycle?Number. IEC61215 -40?2?C 85?2?C Max.?100?C/h Min.10min 50,?200 GB9535 -40?2?C 85?2?C Max.100?C/h Min.10min 50,?200 IEC61646 -40?2?C 85?2?C Max.100?C/h Min.10min 50,?200 GB18911 -40?2?C 85?2?C Max.100?C/h Min.10min 50,?200 UL1703 -40?2?C 90?2?C Max.120?C/h 30~105min 200 IEC62108 -40?2?C 65?C,85?C,110?C 10cycle/day 10min 500,1000,2000 IEC62108 -40?C 65?C,85?C,110?C 18cycle/day 10min 500,1000,2000 IEEE1513 -40?C 90?C,110?C 0.9~7.5?C/min Min.10min 250,500 IEEE1513 -40?C 90?C,110?C Max.100?C/h Min.10min 100,200 IEEE1513 -40?C 60?C,90?C Max.100?C/h Min.10min 50,200 Standard Features: * SUS304stainlesssteel+arcweldingseamlesswelding * Fireproof PU+ glass fiber wool insulationmaterial * Multi-layerglassobservationwindow+ Autoheating function* Full-opening +double wing type door+ 10,000 times tested lock* One ?50mm portholescable port * Coatedfinishing (colorsavailable)or SUS304* Adjustable?feet?andheavy-duty?castors * High quality craftsmanship, modular design and construction * Water and electricity separation system * Fullsystemfunctionswitchesandindicatorlights* Allwiringcolorcodedandlabeled* Systemfaultstatusindicators* Over-temperatureprotectionandalarmswitch* Balancedloadon3phasepower* Powerleakageprotection* Overheatingprotection* Overpressureprotection* Overcurrentprotection * CFC free refrigerant, in line with international standards * Adopting international famous compressor ,parts and components * No condensation and no frost design * Coppertube/aluminumfincoolingcoilsavailable* Air/Watercooledcondenser * Highefficiencyplatetypeheatexchanger* Dualhigh/lowrefrigerationpressurelimitswitches* Overloadprotection for compressor * Internal/External humidification * Pt-100 sensor * Fastresponsestainlesssteelarmoredhumidifier* ReliableSSRnon-touchcontrolofhumidity* Humidifierfaultprotection,overtemperatureprotection * 7-inch color LCD touch screen* Operation mode: programmable/ singe point setting* Sensor:PT100 (electronic sensor input is optional )* Communication interface?RS232/RS485?* Network solution, IP address can be set* Built-in detection, fault alarm, reminder function* USB interface * Alarm and show automatic message reminder Installation Place Requirements ? Distance from the wall to both sides more than 800mm, and to the front more than 1500mm. ? ?Provide independent distribution switchgear, humidification condensate drains, and external power connector device is necessary. ? ? Ground level, well-ventilated, no flammable, explosive, corrosive gases and dust;? ? No strong electromagnetic radiation nearby; ? ? With floor drain(less than 2 meters from the refrigeration unit); ? Venus Floor load capacity: not less than 800kg/ m2; ? Leave adequate space for maintenance After-sale service: Feedback within 2 hours, offer solution in 48 hours and help to solve the problems. Package:? PP film first, and then 10mm foam between machine and the case, and outside is standard export plywood case. Model Features Model BTH-2000-40 2000L Temp. range -40?150?CC Display resolution 0.1?CC Temperature stability High?0.5?CC ,low ?1.0?CC Temperature uniformity ?2.0?CC Heat up time -40?CC ?+100?CC? 45 min Pull down time +20?CC ?-40?CC? 60 min Humidity range 20?98?R.H,(standard), '10?98?R.H,(with humidifier) Humidity constancy ?2.5?R.H Humidity uniformity ?3.0?R.H Interior Dimension(mm) 1000W*2000H*1000D Exterior Dimension(mm) 1280W*2260H*1950D Interior material Stainless Steel Plate?SUS 304? Exterior material Baked Painting Steel Or Stainless steel(SUS304) Insulation material Rigid polyurethane Foam and Glass Fiber Wool Total power 16KW(heater 6KW included) Max current 50A Water Consumption 4.5L/hr Ambient Temp. +5?CC ?+35?CC Power Supply ? AC 380V?10? 50Hz ,3 phase 4 wires +Ground Wires Weight 800KG Sight window size 460*560mm Sample holder 2 pcs Fittings cable port(port?50mm)*1, chamber lamp*1, power cable *2m Safety device (standard) NFB, over pressure, over heat over current protect, over temp. protect, over load protect for blower, dry heat protect Control System Balanced Temperature & Humidity Control (BTHC)System Refrigeration system Air Cooled ?Water Cooled is option? Hermetic compressor Hermetic compressor ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Single stage refrigeration system, ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? CFC-Free refrigerant(HFC-507/HFC-23) CFC-Free refrigerant(HFC-507/HFC-23) Controller 7-inch LCD Touch Screen panel Operation model :Program or fix point running Memory capacity :120programs,1200steps, All repeat 999 cycles, part repeat 99 cycles Note: 1. We reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?2. Customized sizes and configurations available Note 1.Average temp change rate between highest and lowest temperature without any load and heat dissipation, Refer to IEC60068-3-5 for more details? 2.Performance is measured in the ambient temperature of + 25? and sensors are placed at ?the outlet of ?air conditioning unit ; 3. Customized sizes and configurations are available. Inner view